The culmination of hard work and dedication for ITI students has arrived as the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) unveils the much-awaited ITI results for the year 2023.

This announcement holds the key to the next chapter in the academic journey of countless 1st and 2nd-year ITI students, signifying their progress and achievements.

ITI Examinations and Evaluation

From July to August 2023, ITI Examinations were conducted by NCVT across India, spanning various trades and disciplines.

These examinations marked a crucial milestone in the academic calendar, reflecting students’ comprehension of practical and theoretical aspects of their chosen fields.

Following the conclusion of the exams on August 4th, 2023, NCVT authorities meticulously undertook the evaluation process to ensure accuracy and fairness in assessing students’ performances.

Release of the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023

The eagerly awaited moment finally arrived on August 13, 2023, as NCVT officially unveiled the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023.

This announcement brought a surge of excitement and curiosity among ITI students eager to discover their individual outcomes.

The official website,, serves as the primary platform for accessing these results, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation.

Accessing NCVT ITI Results

To access their individual NCVT ITI Result 2023, students are required to input their roll number, exam system, and semester information on the official website.

Additionally, a direct link,, has been embedded for swift access to the results.

This streamlined process ensures that students can quickly retrieve their personalized scorecards and gauge their performance.

Understanding the NCVT MIS ITI Result

The official portal,, offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of retrieving and comprehending the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023.

Beyond the raw marks, these results provide insightful data on students’ achievements in both practical and theoretical exams.

This breakdown allows students to identify their strengths and areas that require further improvement, fostering a holistic understanding of their academic journey.


The NCVT ITI Results for 2023 mark a pivotal milestone in the educational journey of ITI students.

These results provide a moment for reflection, allowing students to gauge their progress and accomplishments.

As students celebrate their achievements, they are encouraged to continue striving for excellence in their ITI studies, fueled by the possibilities that lie ahead.


When were the ITI Examinations conducted by NCVT for the year 2023?

The ITI Examinations for the year 2023 were carried out by NCVT from July to August 2023, spanning a significant portion of the academic year.

When was the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023 officially released?

The long-awaited NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023 was unveiled on August 13, 2023, bringing an end to the anticipation and revealing students’ performance.

How can students access and check their NCVT ITI results for 2023?

To access their NCVT ITI Result 2023, students need to navigate to the official website: By inputting their roll number, exam system, and semester information, they can readily access their personalized results.

Are both 1st and 2nd-year results available in the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023?

Indeed, the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023 encompasses both 1st and 2nd-year results, catering to students at different stages of their ITI studies.

What information is required to download the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023?

To successfully download the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023, students must provide their roll number, exam system details, and information about the respective semester.

What is the minimum passing percentage required to qualify for the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023?

To qualify for the NCVT MIS ITI Result 2023, candidates need to attain a minimum score of 40%, underscoring the importance of a well-rounded performance.